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Slip & Fall Injuries Attorney in Bowling Green, Kentucky

When a person visiting a property sustains an injury that could have been prevented, premises liability law is used to determine whether the property owner or manager is responsible. Successful slip and fall accident cases in Kentucky must prove that the property manager or property owner acted in a negligent manner, and that your injury was the result of their negligence, whether at a residence or at a place of business. If you slip or trip and fall in a person's home or a place of business in Kentucky that is owned by someone else, you may have a slip and fall lawsuit claim.

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Even if the accident occurred in your house and was your fault, or for some reason, the requirements of a slip and fall lawsuit are not applicable, you still have the right to consult with an attorney to discuss your legal rights. In many instances we can get you a settlement without having to go to court; this type of pre-suit settlement saves time and money in court fees - money which is better served going to the injured party. You will have a stronger case if you file shortly after the accident occurs. If you delay contacting an attorney, valuable evidence may be lost, which can have a devastating effect on your case.

Most slip and fall attorneys in Kentucky will suggest you be examined by a doctor to obtain a diagnosis of the extent of your injuries and to receive treatment as needed. Of course, the most important aspect, in any case, is the health of the client.

If you’ve suffered injuries from unsafe condition on someone else's property, contact us to discuss your case in detail. A prompt investigation is critical to the successful outcome of your case.