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Brain Injuries Attorney in Bowling Green, Kentucky

A mild brain injury can be deceptive. It might begin with a minor accident like a football injury, a fall or a car accident. When experiencing a mild traumatic brain injury, the injured person probably will not remember a brief loss of consciousness.

At the The Law Firm of Natalie T. Stuart, we have dealt with many brain injury cases, and we recognize that symptoms that the doctors sometimes misdiagnose, under-diagnose or completely fail to diagnose. For example:

  • You can’t concentrate.

  • Your memory is affected, especially short-term memory.

  • You can’t think quickly.

  • You may feel depressed.

  • You can’t stand noise.

  • Your self-perception is affected.

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There is a statute of limitations on accident injuries. The limitations vary depending on the type of accident. It is important to begin treatment quickly and to see an experienced brain injury lawyer who can help you begin to put your life back together. At The Law Firm of Natalie T. Stuart, we will manage your case from many perspectives – medical, personal, financial and vocational – so that you can get back your life and lifestyle as much as possible.

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Moderate brain injuries are easier to spot. There’s a problem with speech, including finding the proper words. The injured person cannot work. An experienced brain injury attorney can help the family deal with the injury and recover compensation for the accident that caused the injury. If a family member has a severe brain injury, make sure that you hire a lawyer who understands the situation and can recover the funds you need to care of your loved one.

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