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Pedestrian Accidents Attorney in Bowling Green, Kentucky

No one expects to be seriously injured in a bicycle accident or hit by a car in a pedestrian accident. But when you are, it can be devastating. Statistics show a bike accident is almost never the fault of the biker. Driver negligence accounts for most of the catastrophic injuries suffered in bike and crosswalk accidents.

Because bikers and pedestrians are so unprotected and vulnerable, being hit by a car or truck can cause severe injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones and spinal cord injuries. You may also be out of work, overwhelmed with piles of medical bills, or disabled and in pain. Bike or pedestrian accidents can lead to disability or even death.

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It’s worse when the insurance company gives you the runaround or won’t pay you what you deserve – or as can happen in these cases, says it was your fault and refuses to admit you deserve anything. It takes a smart, aggressive attorney like Natalie Stuart to force the insurance company to pay you the money it owes you. In our 15 years of practice, insurance companies have learned that if they don’t offer you a fair settlement, we won’t hesitate to litigate your case before a judge and jury.

The Law Office of Natalie T. Stuart knows how to handle the special details of bicycle and pedestrian accidents and can help you right away by opening an investigation of the accident to preserve evidence, arrange to get police reports, and interview witnesses. We have skilled experts I’ve worked with for years, including private investigators, medical professionals, accident reconstruction engineers and more.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or you have lost a family member to wrongful death due to a bicycle accident or pedestrian accident, contact The Law Office of Natalie T. Stuart now for a free evaluation of your bicycle accident or pedestrian accident case. There’s no obligation.