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Results Achieved by Injury Lawyer, Natalie T. Stuart

Success can be measured in many ways. In a lawsuit, one important measurement of success is the amount of money actually paid by a defendant to resolve the case. We are proud to have represented clients who have recovered one million dollars or more.

Below Is a Partial List of Recoveries for Clients by Natalie T. Stuart:

  • > $1.5 Million for a Logan County man who was seriously injured when a semi-truck crossed over into his lane and crushed his pickup truck into the side rail on a rural highway.

  • > $1,000,000.00 policy limits for a Pennsylvania man driving a semi-truck who suffered a traumatic brain injury when another semi-truck crashed into him on the interstate.

  • > $1,000,000.00 policy limits for an Allen County man who was traveling on the Western Kentucky Parkway when he was run over by a semi-truck who pulled over on top of his vehicle and drug him several hundred feet.

  • > $405,000 for an infant who was severely burned as the result of a defective water heater and a landlord who hired an underqualified maintenance man.

  • > $325,000 for an elderly woman who suffered a fractured hip in an interstate collision in Arkansas while traveling with her family on vacation.

  • > $465,000 for a woman who contracted a staph infection at the hospital following a routine knee replacement.

  • > $40,000 for a man who was diagnosed with a herniated disk following a rear-end automobile collision.

  • > $300,000 for a teenage girl who suffered a disfiguring injury to her face when a tractor turned in front of her vehicle.

  • > $95,000 for a Warren County man who was in a serious automobile collision and life-flighted to Vanderbilt. He was treated in the ER and released with no injuries.

  • > $25,000 policy limits for a Simpson County girl who was hit by a vehicle while on her moped and had her front tooth knocked out.

  • > $30,000 for a Barren County woman who suffered soft tissue injuries as the result of a motor vehicle collision.

  • > $85,000 for a Monroe County woman who fractured her left leg when another vehicle pulled out into her lane of traffic.

  • > $50,000 policy limits for a Grayson County woman who suffered a fractured hip while traveling as a passenger in a single automobile collision.

  • >$25,000.00 policy limits from liability and another settlement of 100k from UIM to a woman that sustained severe cervical damage and underwent a 7hr surgery for an anterior cervical discectomy fusion.

  • >$25,000.00 policy limits from liability and $50,000.00 from UIM for a man that was a passenger in a rear end collision and sustained damage to both his cervical and lumbar spine.

  • >$50,000.00 policy limits and $25,000 UIM to an elderly man that suffered from strain of the lumbar region & mid-back, after being sideswiped and ran off the road.

  • >$40,000.00 to a Scottsville woman who was sideswiped by a U-Haul trailer & suffered serious neck injury.

* Keep in mind the amount of any recovery will depend on the facts of the particular case and each recovery represents an amount paid, before any reduction for attorney’s fees and expenses.