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Teenagers with Attention Disorders at Bigger Risk for Having Car Wrecks

April 5, 2013

Teen drivers are notorious for their poor driving habits, reckless tendencies and significantly higher accident rates. These challenges are even more daunting for teen drivers suffering from attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). This condition affects teen drivers across the United States, and it can drastically increase the risk of being involved in a car accident.

A recent study found that teen drivers diagnosed with ADHD were two to four times as likely as other teen drivers to be involved in a car crash. Drivers with ADHD struggle with being inattentive while driving due to various distractions in and outside of the car, as well as a tendency of becoming distracted easily. Inattention is the leading cause of car crashes among all drivers, but persons with ADHD are likely to become inattentive at a much higher rate than other drivers. Persons with ADHD are also more likely to take risks when driving due to impulsiveness.

Although teen drivers with ADHD and other learning or attention problems can learn coping mechanisms and other methods to better manage their condition, doing so requires patience and persistence. It can sometimes take years of training and management in order for them to become the best drivers that they can be. As parents of teen drivers with ADHD, recognizing and addressing the need for extra driving practice is the solution to this problem.