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Choosing an Injury Lawyer

April 1, 2013
  1. It is always best to choose a lawyer who has experience in car accidents or personal injury. These days the laws in personal injury are too extensive for a lawyer who handles everything to be able to navigate and master.

  2. Hire an injury lawyer who will negotiate your medical bills. Most injury lawyers will get a settlement for you and then leave you struggling to get all of the bills paid. You want a lawyer who will negotiate your bills and take care of getting all the bills paid.

  3. Make sure the lawyer you hire has a good track record of success in past cases. Your lawyer must be willing to go to court in the event that the insurance company is not fair. Ask the lawyer you call when the last time he or she personally tried a case in court. Lawyers like to say they have “litigated” cases, but be aware that this term does not mean the attorney actually tried the case in front of a jury. Most of the time it means the attorney has filed suit and then settled the case.

  4. Hire an attorney who charges a contingency fee. This fee will come out of the money granted in a winning case. If your case is unsuccessful, you should not owe the attorney anything.

  5. If you choose a lawyer from an advertisement, then make sure the lawyer you choose is the lawyer who you meet with initially and the lawyer who will represent you throughout your case.

  6. Finally, make sure that the lawyer you hire is one you feel comfortable working with. Legal matters can often take a long time and you want to choose someone you are comfortable talking with.