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Car Accident Attorney

April 16, 2013

An auto accident can be a shocking and traumatic event, and the injuries that result often prevent people from getting vital information at the scene. It is extremely easy in the chaos following a major collision to inadvertently compromise your legal rights, especially if you are asked questions on the spot. For this reason, I recommend educating yourself on the essentials of auto accident law long before you find yourself in a car wreck: if you just get some very basic information, you could save yourself days and even weeks of frustration down the line.

The principle reason auto accident law creates so much confusion is because of the many overlapping insurance contracts that govern the system here in Kentucky. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the car accident, for instance, one or all of the following policies may come into play: health insurance, life insurance, no-fault insurance (PIP), uninsured and under-insured motorist insurance, worker's compensation insurance, and even disability insurance. Needless to say, navigating these complicated issue requires expertise in Kentucky insurance law. This is one reason why experienced representation can mean the difference between settling your case for less than the value of your injury and obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Most drivers who represent themselves simply take a few photos, order a copy of the police report and place their trust in the insurance system to offer fair compensation. Because Kentucky is a 'no fault' state, they wrongly assume minimal remedies will be awarded no matter what they do or how long they wait. It is important to contact an attorney to determine the Statute of Limitations in your particular case to ensure that your rights are protected. An injury attorney will also able to locate and identify insurance policies that might provide you benefits and determine whether you are covered properly under a liability policy or under-insured motorist benefits. If so, you may be entitled to significant compensation above and beyond the $10,000 no-fault benefits available to Kentucky drivers.

One of the great advantages of working with an experienced car accident injury attorney is that you gain access to a superior system of trial preparation. The simple truth is that many auto accidents are preventable and regrettable, and often the best way to analyze a collision itself is by employing forensic experts. At the law firm of Natalie T. Stuart, we work closely with professionals who help document, recreate and even animate auto accidents for a living, creating compelling and convincing narratives that can help move a jury toward justice.

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones in the immediate aftermath of a car accident is to contact an experienced Bowling Green Kentucky car accident attorney. Car accidents are trying enough. You need experience and personal representation on your side.