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Choosing the Right Lawyer

The United States Constitution guarantees you the right to represent yourself in a legal dispute. It is no secret that insurance companies and their lawyers prefer it when injured people try to represent themselves. People who are unfamiliar with the law often do not understand the actual value of their claims and fail to get fairly compensated when they negotiate directly with insurance companies
or represent themselves in court.

Choosing an injury lawyer, however, can be a bewildering experience. The law is becoming increasingly specialized and having the right injury lawyer can make a big difference in how your case is handled and how you feel at the end of your case.

Here is a list of basic questions that you should ask any injury lawyer that you are thinking about hiring. If you have an injury claim, call us and ask these and any other questions you have. You will find that Natalie T. Stuart is the right lawyer for anyone who has been injured.

  • What is your experience in this field of law?

  • Have you handled matters similar to mine?

  • What are the possible outcomes of my case?

  • What are my alternatives in resolving the matter?

  • Are you willing and able to take my case to trial if necessary?

  • Approximately how long will it take to resolve?

  • What do you charge, and how are fees and expenses billed?

  • Will you keep me informed of the progress of my case?

  • Will there be people besides a lawyer working on my case?

Natalie T. Stuart has over seventeen years of experience in representing injured victims. She will take the time to get to know you personally in a comfortable setting, either in our office or in your home or hospital room if needed. By getting to know you and how your
injuries have affected you and your family, we can present a stronger case to the jury.

Your initial consultation with the law firm of Natalie T. Stuart is free of charge and if we agree to handle your case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid for our services only if there is a monetary recovery of funds.